Clemart is a successful project born twenty years ago in the Italian tv and cinematographic field

At first they would produce cinematographic works and they started with the movie cinema ‘La Brutta Stagionata’ (1996) that was nominated at the award David di Donatello for best newcomer director and best supporting actress and at the award Nastro d’Argento again as best newcomer director and best scenography. Next the company would get specialized in producing tv series that got great success either from critics and audiences. The company would produce especially genres like crime, social, biopic and family drama

Gabriella Buontempo

Born in Naples on May 1, 1966 she attended from 1984 to 1987 in New York at the Tish School of the Arts at New York University and the Academy of Dramatic Arts courses in directing and acting. After a brief theatrical and television experience, she worked as an assistant director Lina Wertmuller and participates in the creation of ” The Tenth clandestine ” and ” On a night of moonlight .” Since 1990, in addition to her collaboration with the International Art Encounters – that organizes exhibitions and cultural events such as ” Neapolitan . Images of a city ” ( Museum of Modern Art , New York) ” Naples et le Cinema ” (Centre Georges Pompidou , Paris ) , ” Artedomani . Points of view ” (Art Gallery Modera, Spoleto) , “Malaparte Prize” – the production of  television and film . Founding member of the Goodtime Srl has produced feature films, documentaries and television series , including ” The ugly seasoned ,” “Love you to come, you go love ,” ” The Great Torino ” and ” Narcotics “, ” Angel Face ” ” The narcotics 2″ . Since 1997 she is member of the Jury of David by Donatello.

Massimo Martino

Massimo gained an almost 30 year experience as Executive Producer
in advertising, cinematographic and TV works.

He manages the organization and coordination of all the
stages of creating the production from writing to post production.

He started his work with the following productions:

Soldati 365 giorni all’alba

directed by Marco Risi, Numero Uno production

Appuntamento a Liverpool

directed by Marco Tullio Giordana, Numero Uno production

La più bella del reame

directed by Cesare Ferrario, Numero Uno production

Mery per sempre

directed by Marco Risi, Numero Uno production


directed by Ricky Tognazzi, Numero Uno production


directed by Michele Placido, Cineuropa 92 production

Un piede in Paradiso

directed by E.B. Cluker, First International production

Mezza Estate

directed by Daniele Costantini, Cineuropa 92 production


directed by Giulio Base, Numero Uno production

Una storia semplice

directed by Emidio Greco, Claudio Bonivento production

La scorta

directed by Ricky Tognazzi, Claudio Bonivento production

I Mitici

directed by Carlo Vanzina, Video 80 production

Pasolini un delitto italiano

directed by Marco Tullio Giordana, a Cecchi Gori production


directed by Giulio Base, a Cecchi Gori production

L’uomo del vento

directed by Paolo Bianchini, Rai 2

La stagione dei delitti

directed by Claudio Bonivento, Rai 2

Founding partner and Managing Director of the Clemart company srl he started his work as a producer in the following movies:

Commesso Viaggiatore

directed by Francesco Dal Bosco

Una lunga notte

directed by Ilaria Cirino Rai Uno


directed by Franco Bertini distributed by Istituto Luce

2004 – “Il grande Torino”

director Claudio Bonivento broadcasted on Rai 1

2004 – “Chiacchere e sangue”

directed by Daniele Costantini distributed by Istituto Luce

2005 – “Eravamo quasi in cielo”

directed by Gianluigi Calderone, Rai 2

2006 – “La stagione dei delitti 2”

directed by Donatella Maiorca and Daniele Costantini broadcasted on Rai 2

2007 – “Amore che vieni, amore che vai”

directed by Daniele Costantini distributed by Istituto Luce

 2008 – “Le ali”

directed by Andrea Porporati

2009/2010 – ”Caccia al Re – La narcotici”

directed by Michele Soavi, Rai 2

2011 – “Faccia d’angelo”

directed by Andrea Porporati. Sky Italia

2011 – “Anita Garibaldi”

directed by Claudio Bonivento. Rai 1

2012 – “La farfalla granata”

directed by Paolo Poeti. Rai 1

2013/14 – “La narcotici 2”

directed by Michele Soavi

2015/16 – “I bastardi di Pizzofalcone”

directed by Carlo Carlei. Rai 1.

2016/17 – “Il giorno più bello”

directe by Vito Palmieri. Cinema Movie

2017/18 – “I bastardi di Pizzofalcone – seconda stagione”

directed by di Alessandro D’Alatri. Broadcaster Rai 1.

Projects under developments:

“Il commissario Ricciardi”

Tv series broadcasted on RAI Uno based on the novels written by Maurizio de Giovanni

“Le difettose”

Tv series based on the novel written by Eleonora Mazzoni

“Il legionario”

based on the story of the son of African immigrants which becomes patrol officer in the State Police

“Fuori piove dentro pure, passo a prenderti?”

based on the novel written by Antonio Dikele Distefano.

“Il metodo del coccodrillo ”

based on the novel written by Maurizio de Giovanni set in contemporary Naples